Postcards for Political Prisoners in Belarus

Since summer 2020, the authoritarian regime in Belarus has been using extreme violence and repression against its own people who demand democracy and freedom of expression. Many of the arrested protesters have been in custody for months now or have already been unfairly sentenced. Most of them were targeted by politically motivated criminal prosecution.

We want to express our solidarity with the currently more than 300 political prisoners in Belarus and show them that they are not alone in their urge for freedom, democracy and human rights. In order to do so we ask everyone to participate in our postcard campaign and corresponding online exhibition.

Sending a postcard as a symbol of solidarity is a small gesture with a big impact. On the one hand, the political prisoners are extremely happy about the encouraging messages that they receive from people they might not even know. On the other hand, every postcard signalizes the authoritarian regime that human rights violations in Belarus are not tolerated by us.

The situation in Belarus

More information about the situation in Belarus:
Revision 30 - Archive Photography project about the changes in Belarusian society from Perestroika to the present.

Belarus - Diary of a Revolution - Local correspondent Kseniya Halubovic continued to report from the protest movement when many of her foreign colleagues see their accreditation revoked (arte)

The Future of Belarus, Fueled by Women - The exhibition reflects the female view of Belarusian photojournalism covering women's protests, the contrast between peaceful confrontation and overt violence unleashed by authorities (Mo Museum)

Current political prisoners in Belarus - A daily updated list of all political prisoners in Belarus including detailed descriptions of each case and an explanation of who is assessed as a political prisoner (Viasna Human Rights Center)

Cultural scene in peril as crackdown escalates and Everything you need to know about human rights in Belarus (Amnesty International)

#FactsOfRepression: Data shows extent of state repression in Belarus (Libereco)

How can I show my solidarity?

  1. Anyone can send a postcard to Belarus. Take a postcard you already have, buy one or design your own postcard.

  2. Select a political prisoner you want to write to. Use the daily updated list of prisoners or this randomizer.

  3. Please write the postcard in Russian or Belarussian and carefully read the advices of Viasna about important Do's and Don'ts.

  4. Before sending, take pictures or scans of your postcard and share them online (#StandWithBelarus, #StandBYyou, #Georgia4Belarus #Postcards4Belarus).

Participate in our online exhibition of all postcards!

Visit the virtual exhibition on

  1. Create your own postcard(s) and let your creativity run free. You can either modify existing postcards or design blank postcards completely yourself (minimum 250g/m² paper).

  2. Get in touch with us early so we know which prisoner(s) you are writing to. Write us an e-mail ( or message us on Facebook.

  3. Before sending, take good quality pictures or scans of your postcard(s) and e-mail them to

  4. Participate in our virtual exhibition "Postcards for Belarus" and the special opening event on April 10, 2021.

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